Omni Resources Index Maps by Country and Scale

    Maps available at scale 1-200,000

      Afghanistan   Algeria   Angola   Bangladesh   Benin   C.A.R.
      Chad   Egypt   Ethiopia   Gambia   Greece   GuineaBissau
      Indonesia   Iran   Iraq   Libya   Madagascar   Mali
      Moldova   Mongolia   Morocco   Mozambique   Niger   Nigeria
      SaudiArabia   Senegal   Slovakia   Somalia   SouthKorea   Syria
      Togo   Ukraine   Zambia

    Maps available at scale 1-100,000

      NE-China   SE-China   W-China   Iraq   Yugoslavia   Syria
      Pakistan   Kazakhstan   Morocco

    Maps available at scale 1-50,000

      Iran   Turkey

    Note that the index maps for China are very large.

    About the Soviet Index Maps

    By selecting a scale and a country, you will be presented with an index map for the country. By clicking within the map you can select using the mouse.

    Once selected, a map can be ordered as follows:
    1.   In hard copy. The price for each hard copy maps is $50.00.
    2.   NEW!!! In electronic format. The price for the electronic format maps is $50.00. Once you provide valid credit card information, you will be given a screen which will allow you to directly download the file. The maps are in TIF format, but have been zipped to reduce the file sizes. You will need appropriate software on your computer to unzip the file. Please note that these are large files, typically 15 to 20 Megabytes.
    3.   In geo-referenced electronic format The price for the geo-referenced electronic format maps is $75.00. Geo-referencing means that the scanned raster images are corrected for the distortion from the scanning process and a header file is produced that allows the use of these maps in a GIS program.

    If you wish to order a large number of the maps for a country, please call Omni Resources at 336-227-8300 (1-336-227-8300 International).