Russell Guy's Photos

Cycling photo #1. Taken during the National Championships in the early 1970's. I ended up about 18th or so, I've forgotten exactly.

Cycling photo #2. Taken during a road race somewhere in California in the early 1970's. I won this race.

Racing poster - of me, of course. This was a poster that my racing team's sponsor made back in 1975. They distributed it to any bike shop around the world that sold their parts. They also used a couple of other photos as covers for parts manuals/inserts, and on advertising. Pretty ego-boosting for an 18-20 yr. old way back before cycling was big time. The photo was taken of me winning a criterium race (this one was 50 laps of a 3/4 mile circuit) where myself and two others lapped the remainder of the field. All of the people in the photo are a lap behind - the other two on the same lap are out of the picture to the left.