Central America Maps


Central America. Classic political map on one side and on the reverse historic maps and fascinating historical information covering eras from the pre-Columbian to the present. Printed on both sides. ISBN 1-57262-160-5. Size 32" x 20-3/4".
View of the front of the map.
Detailed view of part of the map.
Detailed view of the scale bar of the map.
An enlarged view of the mounted map
66-2366BLMounted, black$149.95
66-2366GOMounted, gold$149.95
66-2366WHMounted, white$149.95
66-2366WOMounted, wood-grain$149.95


Central America Travel Map. 1:4,000,000. Freytag & Berndt. Covers from the US/Mexico border to northern South America. Multilingual. 40 x 52 in.
66-23911 sheet, folded$12.95


Central America travel map

Central America Travel Map. 1:1,800,000. ITMB, Canada. An excellent shaded relief map covering Guatemala to Panama. More detailed than 66-2391 above, but does not cover Mexico or the Caribbean.

66-23921 sheet, folded$10.95


Central America wall map
Central America Travel Map. 1:4,500,000. 1993. Ryborsch. This map covers Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. We recommend this map for an overview of the "Middle America" region. Multilingual.
Sample of the Central America wall map detail
66-239261 sheet, rolled/flat$19.95

Cycle - Central America. Ian Benford, London Press, 2004. The small distances and fascinating local cultures, combined with the wide variety of landscapes, from beautiful beaches to volcanoes, cloud forest and highlands, make Central America perfect for cycling. This guide book to Mayan central America, offers a framework of described, researched routes with cross sections, along with mapping and other invaluable touring information. 148 pages, paperback.


Large Earthquakes of North and Central America: 1970-1996. USGS. This large wall map (45 x 42") displays earthquakes that have ocurred in or near North and Central America during 1970-1996. The epicenter symbol sizes are scaled into three magnitude categories: magnitudes 5.0-5.9, magnitudes 6.0-6.9, and magnitudes 7.0 and greater. The epicenter symobls are color-coded to indicate shallow and deep earthquakes. Base map from Raven Maps.
66-2316Each, rolled$13.95

Central America Seismicity Map. NOAA. 1970. Shows seismicity for 1962-1969.
66-23601 sheet, folded$3.95

Central America Metallogenic Map (Mapa Metalogenético de America Central). 1:2,000,000. 1969. ICAITI. Two sheets with separate text. In Spanish.
66-2350Set, folded$45.00