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    Bhutan--1:200,000 Topographic Quadrangle Map Set. 1:200,000. Soviet government. High quality topographic maps with good detail. 10 sheets give complete coverage of Bhutan. In Russian.
    64-2151Set of 10 sheets, rolled$120.00


    Bhutan Himalaya Map. 1:500,000. Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research. No date. A simple two-color shaded relief map of Bhutan showing roads and paths.
    64-21701 sheet, folded$24.95


    Bhutan - The land of the Thunder Dragon (Shaded Relief Map). 1:390,000. Nepa, Kathmandu. Indexed general map of Bhutan, with bold relief shading indicating the terrain. The map shows the country's administrative divisions as well as settlements, roads and tracks, main peaks and mountain passes, national parks, monasteries and other places of interest, etc. Margin ticks show latitude and longitude in steps of 1'. Size is 87 x 58cm.
    64-219011 sheet, folded.$14.95


    Bhutan Travel Map. 1:380,000. ITMB. A decent map of Bhutan, fully indexed.
    64-21911 sheet, folded$10.95


    Bhutan--Atlas of Mineral Resources. UNESCO. ESCAP volume #8.